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Trade Partners

We know that a Retailer’s competitive edge depends upon the selection, quality, service and prices they offer their customers. Because we value our relationships with retailers, we are committed to help them stand out in these areas. Emser provides all the resources retailers need to maximize sales and exceed their customers’ expectations.

With over 45 years of experience working with leading residential home builders and contractors, Emser has the expertise to meet all their specialized requirements. We tailor our services to ensure optimal results from product selection and specification through project completion.

Emser understands the needs of home builders. From aesthetic to practical considerations, home buyer’s choices has everything to do with their individual lifestyle. Floors, counter-tops, and walls affect the character of a space profoundly. Natural stone can permeate warmth or a monumental quality, while tile can add lively rhythm and texture.

To ensure that the home buyers will be completely satisfied with their living spaces, our experienced Product Development team provides a vast selection of design trends that fit virtually every preference.

Whether a project is ground-breaking or a remodel, large or small, Emser offers the products and services that make it a success.

Emser knows what a challenge it can be to find the right look and feel for your client. Emser has the expertise and knowledge to meet all their specialized requirements.

Emser offers many programs specific to various channels within the commercial segment. Whether a project requires marble counter-tops for a luxury hotel, or a floor tile for shopping mall, we offer the products and services that make it success. Our dynamic offering includes a variety of products that are not only attractive, but also durable enough to endure the wear and tear of any commercial environment.

Our commercial capabilities include but are not limited to ADA compliant products and solutions to increasing COF, custom manufactured products to brand specifications, water jetting and laser capabilities including metal logo inserts, custom made logos, medallions and mosaics, cut-to-size porcelain and ceramic tile including linear options, custom prefabricated stone and quartz programs, light-weight and thin tile solutions for your re-imaging needs, cut-to-size stone programs, forecasting and logistics support for national and global accounts, job packing capabilities with setting materials according to job specifications and many more.