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Utilizing Tile for a Healthy Home

Pictured: Mizu Glazed Ceramic Tile in Green

Ceramic tile is already known for its timeless beauty, design flexibility and ease of maintenance. And while the reasons to choose ceramic or porcelain tile are many, perhaps the greatest benefit of that tile is that it is one of the healthiest material choices you can make. It is made from naturally occurring materials, contains no toxins and does not require chemicals to maintain.

The extreme temperature during the firing process fuses the glaze to the body thus creating a barrier for not just water, but for allergens and other matter that can attack porous material. That coupled with the appropriate setting materials, makes for a waterproof installation. Mold and bacteria are not able to penetrate tile supporting long material life and good health. For areas that are prone to water and moisture it is also critical to select products that have high slip-resistance for safety.

Everyone knows a healthy home requires some cleaning and tile could not be easier to maintain. Wiping with some soap and water is all that’s needed to clean up most messes — no harsh chemicals are necessary.

Below is a list of the healthy advantages of tile in more detail:

ANTIBACTERIAL AND NON-TOXIC | Ceramic tile itself is inhospitable to the growth of bacteria. In addition, it is nonflammable and does not emit toxic fumes

HYPOALLERGENIC | Ceramic and porcelain tile contain no allergens non-porous surface is impervious to them. It is an ideal material to maintain good indoor air quality, extremely important for those that suffer from asthma and severe allergies.

FREE OF FORMALDEHYDE | Most wood flooring and wall products contain formaldehyde as it is naturally occurring in wood and is often added as part of the manufacturing process. Certain levels of formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat and high levels of exposure have been linked to asthma and some cancers. asthma and other respiratory disorders. However, ceramic tile has zero formaldehyde and is not subject to the concerns or risks
present in other flooring materials.

FREE OF VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCS) | VOCs are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes. Once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe. Ceramic and porcelain tile are free of VOCs which makes them a worry-free choice.

FREE OF PLASTIC OR POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (PVC) | PVC is a resin found in many vinyl, LVP and LVT products. The softer and more flexible form of PVC often used in flooring contains phthalates. Exposure to PVCs poses many health risks including cancer. Ceramic and porcelain tiles pose no risk because they are made with natural materials and contain no plastic.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY | Made with naturally occurring materials, tile is durable, easy to maintain and has a long life making it an ideal sustainable and energy efficient choice.