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Our Collaboration

Designed in collaboration with Gensler as Product Design Consultant, our Building Blocks™ and Back to Basics™ collections are designed to complement one another with shades, colors, sizes and textures. Together, the collections create a unified blend of industrial and natural elements and provide endless design possibilities.

Explore the Collections

Building Blocks™

Wood | Concrete | Metal

Our Building Blocks™ collection is inspired by the globalization of design and how designers and architects use raw materials such as wood, glass, concrete and metal. Different cultures around the world use the same base building materials but achieve very different looks due to local resource influences. Building Blocks™ captures the essence of these local craftsman by providing a stylized recreation of natural and industrial elements to create a harmonious blend of textures and sizes. 

Back to Basics™

Back to Basics™ was created to be like its name suggests, going "back to basics." A simple yet robust collection of tiles that can either stand on its own or serve as a backbone to complement other collections. A range of cool and warm tones, neutral grays, and an expansive selection of vibrant colors are available in a basic shape, enabling everything from pure color fields to complex ombre effects.

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