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Commitment to Sustainabilty™ Program

A Commitment to Sustainability:

At Emser Tile, we embrace our responsibility to protect the planet and its precious resources. We hold the same standard for our suppliers and trade partners and work alongside to ensure that they adhere to maintaining and improving their standards.

As a reminder of the preciousness of the environment, Emser Tile’s Commitment to Sustainabilty Program features a systematic two-prong approach:

  1. Implementing environmentally friendly practices wherever possible at Emser Tile locations throughout North America – a combined effort also shared by trade partners;
  2. A series of company-wide initiatives among Emser Tile employees to include environmentally conscious practices in the workplace.

Sustainable Manufacturing & Distribution

Emser Tile chooses to work with suppliers that recycle the maximum amount of material possible, such as unused powders back into raw bisque which is then reused to make new tiles. Understanding the importance of water conservation, Emser Tile suppliers also recycle and reuse water during the manufacturing process. All glazes used in the production of ceramic and porcelain tile are water based and contain zero solvents, reducing potential Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), emissions and further eliminating any off-gassing of our floor products through the firing stage of manufacturing.

Unlike other types of flooring, the longevity of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone prevents frequent replacement and allows for easy cleaning without the use of toxic, high VOC, or harsh chemicals. With a potential life of 100+ years, studies have also shown that over a 20-year span, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone are more cost-effective and sustainable options. For enhanced eco-friendly attributes, all products and packaging are 100% recyclable, allowing them to be easily diverted from landfills post demolition, or when there are surplus materials from construction.

Emser Tile operates strategically placed distribution centers and local sales and service locations throughout the United States. Having multiple facilities allows us to maximize the volume of every truckload for the most efficient transportation of our products, and in turn, minimizing our carbon footprint.


Corporate Efforts

Emser Tile is committed to reducing the environmental impact of not only of our corporate headquarters and local sales and service locations, but also all of our distribution centers nationwide. 

Our initiatives to do so include:

  • Reusing technology, including cell phones, computers, and electronic equipment, through our suppliers and a third-party electronics recycling provider;
  • Recycling paper through a third-party shred and recycle service;
  • Automating facility lights that operate based on areas in use;
  • Programming thermostats for optimal indoor temperatures while maintaining energy efficiency;
  • Using low-flow and no-flush plumbing fixtures that preserve water;
  • Prioritizing recycled content in office supplies.