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Empervious FAQs

Can Empervious be used for Steam Showers?

Empervious can be used for steam shower applications with a single coat of liquid waterproofing membrane over top of the finished product to meet TCNA Guidelines SR613 (masonry or concrete construction, commercial applications) and SR614 (wood or steel joist construction, residential installs). For residential steam showers (non-continuous use), ½” board on walls and a single coat of liquid waterproofing membrane is required, and for commercial (continuous use), 1” board on walls and a single coat of liquid waterproofing membrane is required.

Can I make a curb with Empervious?

There are several ways you can incorporate a curb into your Empervious shower system design. The most common way is to purchase our pre-formed curbs available in 2 standard sizes. You can also use our foam board to make custom sizes, 2” recommended.

Can Empervious screws be used for metal studs?

Yes Empervious screws can be drill directly into metal studs with no pre-drilling.

Do Empervious products come with a warranty?

Yes, all Empervious products come with a 10 Year Warranty. Full warranty details available here.

What is Empervious made of?

Empervious Foam Products are made from an XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Closed Cell Watertight Foam reinforced with a High Strength Cement Coating & Fiberglass Mesh. All of our Foam Products are CFC and HBCD Free.

Does Empervious contain harmful chemicals?

No, Empervious is an environmentally friendly product which contains Zero toxic or harmful chemicals. Our Foam is CFC and HBCD free. Please refer to our testing data for more details.

Can I use Empervious 1/4” Foam board as an underlayment on the floor?

Yes. The 3’x5’x1/4” foam board is specifically for installation on floors, and used for curbless installations to waterproof the “dry side” of the shower.

Can I install a hinge for a glass shower door onto a Empervious Curb?

Yes. If your glass enclosure door requires a hinge on the bottom corner, you will likely need to secure it with a screw into a solid surface. In order to do this, you can drill a lag screw right through the Empervious curb or pan provided you fill the hole with sealant prior to driving the screw into the floor or wall. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for actual installation.

Can Empervious be used to build custom benches in showers?

Yes, Empervious 2” building panels can be used to build custom benches, special features, or to build partition walls. Benches require support every 16” but there is no limit on size if properly supported. 2” panels are recommended for building benches.

Can you install Empervious over concreate or block/brick walls?

Yes, you can install Empervious wall boards over brick, block, or concrete walls using a small notched (1/4” or larger) trowel and modified thinset. Sealant to be used to seal the butt joints where wallboards meet. You can apply a second coat of sealant along seems and flatten with putty knife or straight trowel as per typical installation instructions.

Can you use Empervious products outside?

Although Empervious products are very durable and will withstand the elements it has not been extensively tested for the durability of the adhesion of stone or tile for extended periods in outdoor applications, only extensively tested for indoor applications.

Is mesh tape required on all seams?

No. Mesh tape is only required at the floor where standing water may occur (in conjunction with sealant). You only need to apply Sika Flex 11FC Sealant at the butt joints on the wallboard and in the vertical corners (tape optional).

Is Empervious mold and fungus resistant?

Yes Empervious products are mold & fungus resistant.

Can Empervious be used as insulation?

Yes Empervious has insulative probertites much like XPS Foam Insulation.

Can I install marble on Empervious?

You can install virtually any kind of natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic to Empervious products. Please refer to manufacturers guidelines for setting materials recommended for your installation.

How strong are Empervious products?

All Empervious Foam Products are made from a very high compression XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Foam with a 40.5 psi compression rating. With the addition of a Fiberglass mesh and concrete coating on both sides our products are extremely durable throughout the construction process and for the life of the product. The Shear Strength is greater than 50 psi. Performance specifications can be found here.

How long do I have to wait before water testing?

Our sealant is a moisture curing Polyurethane sealant so you can water test immediately after application, but it is recommended to wait 30-45 minutes after application for it to skin over.

How long do I need to wait before tiling?

With our sealant you can tile within 45 minutes of application. As soon as the sealant is skinned over (dry to the touch) you can start installing your tile or stone. Thicker areas such as corners may require additional curing time before application.

What type of thinset is recommended for installing the shower pan to the subfloor?

Any polymer-modified mortar can be used for concrete subfloors and for wood subfloors any polymer-modifed mortar meeting ANSI A108.12 for wood subfloors can be used to install Empervious Pans.