Broadway™, a glazed porcelain with a polished finish features rich colors and boasts striking veining with the aid of HD technology.

4 Colors | 1 Size | 5/16” Thickness

Technical Specifications
ASTM Test Results
Abrasion Resistance C1027 IV
Breaking Strength C648 >550 lbf
Chemical Resistance C650 Resistant
Water Absorption C373 <.5%
Coefficient of Friction DCOF BOT3000 <.42
Freeze-Thaw Cycling C1026 Resistant
Scratch Hardness MOHS 7
Shade Variation

 V3 High

Recycled Content 4% Pre-Consumer


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All colors available in a matte finish as Boulevard™ series.

The beauty of high gloss or polished products may be susceptible to scratching that is more visible on the surface of the tile.

  • Grout joint recommendation: 3/16”
  • Tile thickness could vary based on size.
  • Larger format tiles will have a higher thickness.

12”x 23”  (11.42”x 23.23”)

3”x13” Floor SBN




Broadway Andrassy / 12" X 23"

Available Colors
Broadway Andrassy
Broadway Gracia
Broadway Paulista
Broadway Reforma
Available Sizes