The Crystal™ series emulates the look and feel of pure white marble, which is among the most expensive and sought after building materials in the world, a moniker of luxury and elegance.

Engineered quartz has an extremely high breaking strength, low water absorption rating and beautiful consistent surface finish due to its high-tech manufacturing process. However, all crystallized products may be prone to light scratching which is inadvertently enhanced by the high reflectivity of the surface finish. This characteristic is not a latent defect of the tile and will vary based on actual traffic patterns and usage.

1 Color | 2 Sizes | 3/8” Thickness

Technical Specifications
Test Method Results
Unglazed Deep Abrasion C1243 1
Breaking Strength C648 >2000 lbf
Chemical Resistance C650 Resistant
Water Absorption C373 <.5%


Freeze-Thaw Cycling C1026 Resistant
Scratch Hardness MOHS 6
Shade Variation


Green Friendly: VOC None | Recycled Content 0% Pre & Post-Consumer


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The beauty of high gloss or polished products may be susceptible to scratching that is more visible on the surface of the tile.

  • Grout joint recommendation: 3/16”
  • Tile thickness could vary based on size.
  • Larger format tiles will have a higher thickness.

32”x 32”  (31.50”x 31.50”)

16”x 32”  (15.63”x 31.50”)




Crystal White / 32" X 32"

Available Colors
Crystal White
Available Sizes