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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q4

Driving Business in 2022

Emser Teammates:

I am really excited about the new year and all the tail winds and opportunities we have going into 2022. Last year was certainly a better year than 2020, when we first saw the world begin to adjust to the pandemic – your hard work and dedication are what made that possible and we appreciate all the efforts from each of you to make it a stronger year for everyone.

Speaking of the pandemic, we know it has been difficult for everyone; the frequent changes to policies and procedures can be very frustrating – they are to my team and me, too, but for those of you who are customer facing every day, I know it can be beyond maddening. We really are trying to make things run as smoothly as possible despite the differences in opinion around COVID prevention and protection. For every person I speak to who thinks we are being overly cautious there is another who thinks we are not being careful enough. We have followed CDC guidance since the beginning of the pandemic and continue to do so. We encourage you to share your views or concerns as we continue to try to protect you, our customers, and the business. Again, I implore each employee to follow the guidelines, particularly if you are sick. You should call your manager BEFORE coming to work. We appreciate the dedication and desire to support your team and business, but it is better for everyone if you rest and get well whether it is a cold, flu, strep throat, COVID or something else. We do not want to risk anyone else becoming sick, regardless of the illness.

We are so grateful for all that each of you do to drive sales, profitability, operational excellence, and to keep Emser’s culture – without each of you we could not do what we’ve done – and we know that. As we start another new year, we have confidence that everyone will work to deliver our customers the best products and service, while driving record breaking sales and margins.

We are focused on better recognizing and rewarding great work. We want you to enjoy working at Emser and we’re dedicated to providing an atmosphere where that is possible. Please read the article included in this newsletter outlining some of the objectives and exciting changes coming in 2022.

Finally, know that we appreciate all that you do – I’ve never worked with a finer team!

Erika Croy
Chief Human Resources Officer