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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q4

HR in 2022

Emser Tile is focused on becoming better at recognizing and rewarding great work. We want you to enjoy working at Emser and are dedicated to providing an atmosphere where that is possible. With that in mind take a moment to read through some of the objectives and exciting changes planned in 2022. 

  • Improve processes and ensure that we make it easier to drive sales; in other words, minimize the red tape
  • Garner more field insight when putting processes, programs and systems in place resulting in best solutions and practices with a clear voice
  • Ensure that corporate functions are supporting the field and enabling them to drive sales  
  • Empower branches and salespeople to be hyper-focused on selling and driving market share
  • Roll out performance management 
  • Develop succession planning

A Word on Performance Management

Emser’s regional leadership played a huge part in developing the program. The discussions generated as part of this annual exercise will allow us to be far more objective in reviewing performance. Ongoing feedback enables us to address performance goals, competencies critical and unique to each role, areas where we can use our strengths to help others, and also areas where we can help develop greater success and achievement.

The program is meant to support career development and address questions that are top of mind as work environments continue to evolve – whether that means having discussions around relocation or having designs on doing something else (and how we can help achieve those goals!).

There are no right or wrong answers here. And there are plenty of growth opportunities for those who want them. That includes our tuition reimbursement program, for instance. Keep in mind, too, that we continue to prefer filling roles with our internal talent. Having more meaningful conversations with you ensures we know if that’s on your mind too.

Have Questions?

We encourage you to share issues, questions, and concerns here: Carl will take those insights and address during his bi-monthly calls so that our time together is most focused on the needs of our Emser employees. Unless requested, these communications and questions are always confidential.

Safety Focus

One last (and important!) reminder: National Safety Manager, Sean Quinlan, is also seeking feedback for his newsletters. Any questions may be sent to Sean at As always, the importance of reporting injury and accidents immediately is critical.