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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q4

Emser 2021 Annual Awards

Emser Tile is honored to acknowledge our 2021 Annual Award Honorees. We want to thank our talented and customer-focused employees for the work they do every year.

Emser Tile is a family-owned, national company that also happens to enjoy a local feel and appeal, given our 80 regional branches across the country. Our team is a family – collaborating together and empowering each other to get every job accomplished successfully. It’s critical to who we are.

Congratulations to all!

Region 1
Branch of the Year: Anaheim
Operations Manager of the Year: Elizabeth Lopez

Region 2
Branch of the Year: Salt Lake City
Operations Manager of the Year: Kris Kelso

Region 3
Branch of the Year: Austin
Operations Manager of the Year: Desiree Shearer

Region 4
Branch of the Year: Atlanta
Operations Manager of the Year: Jamie Johns

Region 5
Branch of the Year: Omaha
Operations Manager of the Year: Rick Carter

Region of the Year: Region 3
Mike Weaver, Mary Trevino, Sam Agajanian, Susan Holland and Cable Coffey

President’s Club

Vanessa Amaya,  Commercial,  San Diego
Renee Anderson,  Commercial,  Salt Lake City
Camille Garrison,  Commercial,  Charlotte
Ryan Martin,  Commercial,  Houston
Samantha Starzyk, Commercial,  Portland
Robert Bode,  Homebuilder,  Atlanta
Shane Collins,  Homebuilder,  Birmingham
Tracey Davis,  Homebuilder,  Salt Lake City
Karina Depew,  Homebuilder,  Orlando
Adan Flores,  Homebuilder,  Albuquerque
Scott Nitsch,  Homebuilder,  Houston
Carsten Schindler, Homebuilder,  North Virginia
Ryan Young,  Homebuilder,  Atlanta
Tessa Burns,  Trade,   San Antonio
Ryan Dux,  Trade,   Dallas
Michelle Osborne, Trade,   Scottsdale
Patrick Levy,  Trade/Dealer,  New Orleans
Robert Pope,  Trade/Dealer,  Ft. Worth
Spencer Powell,  Trade/Dealer,  Dallas
Mike Sandbo,  Trade/Dealer,  Wichita
Joe Sansone,  Trade/Dealer,  Phoenix
Berry Stephenson, Trade/Dealer,  Lubbock

Laura Kubenka Award: Scott Steinhoff

Ed Reveche Award: Barry Dambrowski