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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q3

Driving Business Toward 2022

"Every year there are new opportunities, created because of extraordinary events."

Hello Emser Team,

We are happy to report that Emser continues to achieve record sales and has expanded market coverage nationally. This has been achieved through everyone’s hard work, commitment, and execution. While there is always room for continued improvement, nice progress was made on many initiatives that will make doing business with Emser easier. 

It seems every year there are new opportunities created because of extraordinary events, and this year is no different. As you are all aware, there are many shortages as a result of Covid. This has led to many of our costs going through the roof, with raw materials, labor, domestic freight, import freight, rents, supplies, and services costs continuing to rise. But despite this, every effort is being exercised to lessen the impact.

These circumstances compel us to avoid feeling afraid or uncomfortable about passing along price increases in this environment. They are also forcing us to be incredibly efficient and conscious of costs in every decision we make. This is required of everyone - management, department, branch, and distribution teams, regardless of role. Our customer support and distribution/warehouse teams can have a very significant impact on our efficiencies through their ideas and recommendations on how to be more streamlined and effective. Everyone’s suggestions are always welcome!

We will continue to confront any challenge by upholding our values of always doing right for our customers and by being open and committed as a partner. We look to all of you to remain focused on continuing to drive business in the final quarter of the year as we take advantage of this time of demand. We also want you all to be sure to enjoy time with family during the upcoming holiday season.

Always remember to have FUN and stay SAFE!

Best regards,

Carl Delia President