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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q3


Left to right: Tom Metz (OSR), Alex Escobedo (WH), Jim Bentley (AOM/Trade), Graham Park (Branch Manager) and Jason Dimond (Operations Manager)

The words you’ll hear in reference to Emser’s Glendale, Arizona branch are “consistency,” “adaptability,” and “excellence.” Through staffing challenges, through a global pandemic, the Glendale team has proved time and time again that they’re flexible enough to thrive – not just survive.

The branch is fairly unique in that it’s heavily focused on retail and trade business – it’s less reliant on the homebuilder and commercial segments. Naturally, negotiating mask mandates and other COVID-related issues during the past 18 months required an extra dose of patience for a branch that sees more walk-ins than most.

The reason for the branch’s heavy retail focus? Glendale is part of an unusual market for Emser: There are three branches withing 20 miles of one another, creating something of an odd segmentation in the region. Understanding and embracing a branch’s natural focus has helped the Glendale crew get results. One example: Tom Metz, Glendale’s outside sales rep, has averaged $300,000 monthly – even during the height of the pandemic.

Another reason for Glendale’s continued excellence is the team’s institutional knowledge. The aforementioned Mr. Metz has been with Emser for seven years. Jason Dimond, the branch’s operation manager, has seven-and-a-half years under his belt, branch manager Graham Park has been with the company for ten-and-a-half years, and assistant operations/inside trade manager Jim Bentley’s tenure clocks in at 14 years.

The collective experience allows for the team to maintain its status in the upper echelon of profitability. They’re excellent at maintaining “regular” business – repeat customers – while drawing in new segments, including outdoor and pool products.

The numbers tell the story: 

  • ROS for the branch is just under 20% year-to-date,
  • Glendale is 113.5% over sales plan, and, 
  • Year-over-year, the branch is up 22.5%

A big part of the “secret sauce” that helps the branch achieve (and surpass) its goals can be described by a particular Emser tenet, namely, “Find a way to say yes.” No job is too big or too small for anyone at Glendale. Staffing shortages – an issue faced by nearly every business in 2021, not just Emser Tile – might spell trouble elsewhere, but not here. From senior management on down, the team has proven themselves willing and able to do what needs to be done, from finding the perfect solution for a client to unloading a truck. The work always gets done – with humility, grace, and without complaint.