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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q3

Emser Material Bank Offerings Now Top 130

Specifiers have more Emser products to choose from on Material Bank. Some of the latest additions include Bauhaus™, Ironworx™, Passion™, H2O™, Impulse™ and Building Blocks™ Concrete.

As one of the founding members of Material Bank, Emser’s always committed to expanding its offerings on the service. Material Bank – the sampling powerhouse built for designers, architects and specifiers of every stripe – saw new contributions from Emser recently, and Emser now offers more than 130 tile collections via the Bank. Bauhaus™, Ironworx™, Passion™, H2O™, Impulse™ and Building Blocks™ Concrete are among the latest lines from Emser.

Material Bank prides itself on being one of the fastest, most sustainable ways to search and sample tile. Every order ships 100% carbon neutral in proprietary packaging that safely delivers samples in one box without excess bubble wrap, peanuts and packaging. Material Bank’s innovative sample reclamation program allows unneeded samples to be reused and recycled instead of reaching landfills. 

These new additions represent an important step in our continued dedication to supporting our customers’ experience with our company on every level and through every platform.