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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q2


From left to right: Allyssa Cannon (CSR), Tate Sandberg (BM), Jake Quimby (OM), Sterling Buxton (WH) and Alex Douglas (OSR)

Emser’s Eugene, Oregon branch is having a terrific 2021. The branch is up 27% year-over-year, beating by a wide margin the kind of growth one would expect (generally in the low teens). That acceleration is more than a market correction due to the release of pent-up demand after the pandemic slowdowns of 2020 – the team has been focusing on the right customer base, and taking advantage of some of the supply chain issues impacting the industry as a whole.

And how does a branch make a positive out of that aforementioned challenge? By doing a great job of knowing Emser’s product assortment – and offering the right alternatives. That Emser can-do attitude is revealed in every metric. Eugene isn’t just tops in sales volume but in profitability as well, with an ROS of 6.9% versus 3.6% last year.

There’s another factor here that makes Eugene’s recent wins even more remarkable: The branch has seen a number of personnel shifts throughout the first half of 2021. After their OM, Aaron Rominous, was promoted to a larger branch, Eugene’s Customer Sales Representative Jake Quimby filled that void. Branch Manager Tate Sandberg saw his responsibilities increase as a result, and this created something of a domino effect. Eugene has a lot of business that comes from the outlying territories that requires travel that is normally tag-teamed between the outside sales rep and the branch manager. With Tate covering the inside, OSR Alex Douglas has had more ground to cover – and still continues to drive outstanding sales results.

Growth of this magnitude often relies on an environment that the branch manager sets, and that translates to a group of people with great attitudes; people who are adept at dealing with things the right way. Those traits describe the Eugene team’s collective personality – and drives their success.

The Eugene Branch at a Glance in 2021

  • SALES +27% YOY
  • GM +2.5 points
  • ROS 6.9% (3.6% in ’20)
  • STAR AWARDS: Four Stars for five of the first six months of ‘21