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Emser Tile Employee Newsletter - 2021 Q2

Rebecca Hausman, Senior HR Generalist 

Rebecca’s expertise in the fields of employee leave and workers’ compensation are second to none, and she’s always ready to answer any questions that employees have. Rebecca’s known for her fantastic work ethic and her tremendous communication skills – simply put, she’s incredibly articulate and a great writer.

EMSER: Tell us a bit about yourself.

REBECCA HAUSMAN: I was a teacher before I moved to L.A., and prior to that, I studied film and acting. I’ve done some acting work since I’ve been in Southern California, and some commercials that have appeared in the Chinese market. However, I’m mainly doing voiceover work these days. My husband is a composer – he scores documentaries. We have a very loud, obnoxious cat, Detective Munch, who’s named after a character from “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

EMSER: How long have you worked for Emser?

RH: I started as a temporary worker five years ago, in 2016. I was an HR administrative assistant then. 

EMSER: What do you like the most about working for Emser? 

RH: There's a lot to like about working for Emser. One of the main things that I enjoy here has been the ability to grow and learn. I've been here for five years and my responsibilities have changed a lot over that time -- I've really had the opportunity to learn a huge number of skills. Additionally, working for Erika Croy has been a joy. She's an incredible boss.

I love the autonomy I’m given here. This is true for anyone in any position at Emser: You’re given the chance to make a choice and proceed to the best of your ability with what you think is right for the company. 

EMSER: What work accomplishments are you most proud of?

RH: Handling workers' comp and taking over the responsibilities and projects on a team level has been really rewarding. Partnering with the sales program has been gratifying, too -- we have a “Selling Students” program. We partner with recent graduates from different universities that have selling programs and bring them on board as sales representatives. Implementing that program has been a terrific experience.

EMSER: What advice do you have for others on your team? 

RH: Everyone on my team is incredibly experienced, much more so than I am. They're doing an amazing job and I learn from them every day. My advice to them? I don’t really have any advice per se, but a request: Just continue to teach me, please.

EMSER: What do you like to do in your spare time – besides the voiceover work? 

RH: My husband and I love Dungeons and Dragons -- so much so that we created a podcast: “Venture Forth, the DND Podcast.”